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Soccer Brawl League is a free, player-oriented league played on Sony Online Entertainment's Infantry. It has been around since the 1960s and is closing in on its 50th anniversary. Join us!

It's fast and easy.

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Week 4 Matches
TBD @ Lady Bugs 7:00 PM [view] LB 5 TBD 1 Gambler 20 mins
midnight meat train @ Heroes 7:30 PM [view] mmm 4 HOES 3 Mr. Poo 30 mins
midnight meat train @ Lady Bugs 8:00 PM [view] LB 1 mmm 0 Flash 20 mins
Lady Bugs @ midnight meat train 8:30 PM [view] mmm 5 LB 0 Sahana 19 mins
midnight meat train @ Lady Bugs 9:00 PM [view] mmm 5 LB 3 J 20 mins
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News (10.07.2014)
If you want another season of soccer bra ...
Show me 4-6 squads capable of competing (showing 6+) week in and week out by 10/26/2014.
If there is at least 4 squads by this date, there'll be an ET on 11/02/2014.

Go forward with the thinking that the map will remain unchanged, unless somebody else has time to look at it as I unfortunately do not (sorry).

Ball is the community as a whole's court.

(Note: If you're creating a squad and want it activated, send me (Khaleesi) a private message.)
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