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Soccer Brawl League is a free, player-oriented league played on Sony Online Entertainment's Infantry. It has been around since the 1960s and is closing in on its 50th anniversary. Join us!

It's fast and easy.

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News (2.26.2013)
Soccer Brawl on Free Infantry - Sunday 5 ...
Hello everyone.

Big thank you to the kind guys at Free Infantry for getting a working version of Soccer Brawl up.

We've all missed it, and 5 days is enough notice - lets all try to find some time on Sunday at 5est to play it. If we start at 5est, maybe others will join 6est, or later as they become available.

Lets stick to public play, but if we get like 30 dudes (would be epic) maybe we can do some mix's. If we do mix, and I host, I will promise to ensure everyone in spec gets to play - we're no longer a league, the best don't need to be in every game, lets make sure everyone enjoys it.

See you Sunday. Or before, if you have time :).
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